On 14 August 2016 at 5:00 pm, the delightful city of Tarvisio hosted the presentation of the Alpine Skiing Paralympic World Championships, which will take place in January 2017. The setting where this happened was the 2016 edition of the Alpenfest and Luciano Zanier was the moderator of the event.

The speakers included the Mayor of Tarvisio Mr Renato Carlantoni, who highlighted the benefits that these World Championships will bring in terms of economic and cultural growth, both to the city and to the whole region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Paolo Tavian and Riccardo Leonardi, the President of the Organising Committee for the World Championships and the President of Sport x All respectively, spoke about the complexity involved in the organisation of all aspects of such an event, highlighting at the same time the great commitment of the staff to make it a success. Furthermore, Mr Tavian stated that “Apart from a high level sports competition, the World Championships will be an opportunity for cultural exchange, with all the potentialities this entails for the participating nations”.

The financing partner of the World Championship, the BCC Federation, in the person of its local representative Luciano Sartoretti, declared: “Banks have to act in support of the area they work in, supporting meaningful initiatives made possible by the work of volunteers. This is the perspective that has prompted the BCC to play its part”.

The photo album is available at this link.