Sport x All, protagonist at Alpenfest

On 14 August 2016 at 5:00 pm, the delightful city of Tarvisio hosted the presentation of the Alpine Skiing Paralympic World Championships, which will take place in January 2017. The setting where this happened was the 2016 edition of the Alpenfest and Luciano Zanier was the moderator of the event. The speakers included the Mayor of Tarvisio Mr […]

Winning breakfast “Colazione da Campioni”

Join the contest! Take a picture, record a video or describe your “Colazione da Campioni” (winning breakfast). Upload it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and add the hashtag #colazionedacampioni. We will copy your picture on our social networks. The winner will be invited to opening of the World Championships Tarvisio 2017 as a Social Reporter! The best recipe […]

Sport x All went to Bonn (IPC) to complete the sponsorship plan

On Sunday 30 October, the IPC representatives (Dimitrije Lazarovski, Head of IPC Snow Sports and Hannes Hoeltage, Sponsorship Manager) and the Sport x All delegation (Paolo Tavian, President of the Organising Committee for the World Championships Tarvisio 2017 and Luca Sartori, vice-president of the committee organising the World Championships Tarvisio 2017) met in Bonn to […]

The IPC Delegation visits Tarvisio

Last weekend (1/2 October 2016) the IPC team, composed of SKUTELJ SVETIC ANJA, WALSER MARKUS, DOMINY LUCY MARIANNA, SAWICKI OSWALD, BECK SASHA THORSTEN and LAZAROVSKI DIMITRIJE visited us to carry out an assessment. Together, we took stock of the situation, dealing with several aspects related to the organisation of the World Championships, from the technical […]